Power Circuit Breakers
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Terasaki Projekte

Sainsbury Shop Front

Sainsburys: Headquarters at Holburn, London

Download the Sainsburys Headquarters Case Study.
Bank of Canada Circuits

Royal Bank of Canada, London: Retrofit

Download the Royal Bank of Canada Retrofit Case Study.
Torness Nuclear Power Station

EDF Energy: Torness Nuclear Power Station, UK

Download the Torness Nuclear Power Station Case Study.
BHP Billiton Facility

BHP Billiton: Mining Industry

Download the BHP Billiton Case Study.
Neves-Corvo Mine

Lundin Mining: Neves-Corvo Mine

Download the Neves-Corvo Mine Case Study.
Credit Suisse Retrofit

Credit Suisse, London: Retrofit

Download the Credit Suisse Retrofit Case Study.
RBS Bishopsgate

Royal Bank of Scotland, London: Retrofit

Download the Royal Bank of Scotland Retrofit Case Study.
Standard Life Logo

Standard Life Data Centre, Edinburgh: Retrofit

Download the Standard Life Retrofit Case Study.
Terasaki Circuits

The Rosebery Group Data Centre, UK: Overheating Protection

Download the The Rosebery Group Overheating Protection Case Study.
Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant

Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant (ChelPipe), Russia: Pipe Workshop

Download the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant Case Study.

Commonwealth Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

Download the "Commonwealth Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome" Case Study.

BAA Airports Limited: Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Download the Heathrow Airport Case Study.
Ringhals Nuclear Power Station

Vattenfall: Ringhals Nuclear Power Station

Download the Ringhals Nuclear Power Station Case Study.
Rolling Mill Steel Factory

SSAB: Rolling Mill Steel Factory in Sweden

Download the Rolling Mill Steel Factory Case Study.
Telehouse Data Centre

Telehouse U.K.: Telehouse Data Centre

Download the Telehouse Data Centre Case Study.
Volvo Foundry

Volvo Sweden: Volvo Foundry at Skövde

Download the Volvo Foundry Case Study.
Whitelee Wind Farm

Scottish Power: Whitelee Windfarm, UK

Download the Whitelee Wind Farm Case Study.